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For this drill, stand under the basket and have your partner shoot the basketball repeatedly. Each time, practice tracking down the ball and jumping in the air to secure it after each shot. Once you get the hang of this, add a new element of boxing out .

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Shooting in Basketball. Shooting is one of the major basketball techniques in which a player attempts to score points by putting the ball into the basket. Shooting methods differ from player to player and in various situations.

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Point your feet in the general direction of the basket, but not necessarily directly at it. We prefer an open stance, but you can also use the closed (squared) stance if that's more comfortable for you. With an open stance, your feet point towards one side of the basket.

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1. Enter a defensive dribble stance with your body between the defender and the basketball. 2. Point your inside shoulder to the defender’s chest. 3. Keep your chin on your inside shoulder to ...

73 Basketball Drills for Players and Coaches (2021 Update)

This is a great basketball drill for players to practice shooting with perfect form and also a for coaches to teach and correct shooting form. Setup: Players form three lines a couple of feet out from the basket. Use both ends of the court if possible so that kids get to take more shots. Every players has a basketball. How it Works:

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When a few metres away from the basket, hold the ball with both hands on the shooting hands side of the body. Place the non-shooting hand on the side of the ball, and shooting hand on top of the...


Player 1 will start with the ball just outside the three-point line. He or she will pass the ball to either Player 2 or Player 3 to start. Then, the pass goes to the post position, and then cycles back around – 3,1,2,4… and then cycles back again.

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You can find 210 drills below to fill in each section of your practice plan. Each category below includes youth basketball drills for kids, advanced drills for older players, progressions, and fun basketball games to incorporate into your practices. The drills are organized into 14 categories: Offensive Skill Drills. 1. Dribbling Drills (30) 2.