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USSF Referee Grades Explained - Referees | US Youth Soccer

Grade 1 Referees: Referees who officiate in the World Cup and international matches are designated as Grade 1. Grade 2 Referees: Assistant Referees to Grade 1 Referees are designated as Grade 2. Grade 3 and 4 Referees: In the United States, competition at the national level (including professional soccer and MLS) requires Grade 3 or 4. Grade 3 indicates the referee's readiness to be considered for international service.

US Soccer and WisRef Referee Levels | WisRef.org

US Soccer migrated to descriptive Referee levels in 2020, Grassroots Referee (GR) and Regional Referee (RR) are the two levels that contain the vast majority of Referees. Although WisRef has migrated to the Grassroots and Regional levels – licenses – registrations, we continue to also differentiate by the old US Soccer levels of 9-8-7-6-5-15-13. Thus, we have designated the WisRef levels as Grassroots Referee GR-9, Grassroots Referee GR-8, Grassroots Referee GR-7, Regional Referee RR-6 ...

Referee Grade and Assignment Levels - oslrg

USSF National referees are considered grade 3 and grade 4. USSF State Level referees are ...

USSF Referee Levels Explained – Oregon Referee Committee

FIFA. Formerly known as Grades 1 and 2 Referees. Referees and Assistant Referees who officiate in the World Cup and international matches. P.R.O. P.R.O. Referees and Assistant Referees are qualified to officiate matches in any domestic competition, including MLS, as well as certain international matches.

New Referee Levels Explained | Kentucky Soccer Referee ...

Old System Referee Level: Old System Requirements: New System Referee Level: New System ...

United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Referee Grades

State/Regional Advanced Referee Recommended Assignment Level: All youth games and adult games including first division and assistant referee in professional league and international cup games National Referee and National Assistant Referee Recommended Assignment Level: All games except formal FIFA international matches; assistant referee for international matches

Become A Referee – Soccer Referee USA

You become a referee by attending and successfully completing a referee training course. U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) authorized two entry-level referee certifications: Recreational Referee Grade 9 and Referee Grade 8. However, Referee Grade 8 entry level is the most popular.

How To Become A Soccer Referee (+ Salaries Revealed) Soccer Blade

Over time, referees can gain experience and progress through the ranks of the FA to eventually become professional-level Premier League referee. What Is A Level 7 Referee? After completing the initial FA Referee Course, participants are regarded as Level 7, entry-level, junior referees, qualified to officiate amateur league games.