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The upper surface of a table tennis table which lies in a horizontal plane 76cm (2ft 6in) above the floor. Point: A unit of scoring in table tennis. A rally where the result is scored. Push: A backspin shot usually executed over the playing surface. ^ Top of page ^ R Racket: The equipment used to hit the ball.

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Also the name of a table tennis grip; Serve - the beginning of a point where one player strikes the ball after tossing it. Usually used tactically to set up a strong attack; Set - one game to 11 points in a match


A ball that lands deep on the table. A serve that will not bounce twice on the opponent's side of the table if given the chance is also considered deep. A ball that is hit along the side of the table, parallel to the sidelines, is hit down the line. The basic topspin shot executed close to the table.

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This glossary defines terms related to the sport of table tennis.. Alternation of ends After each game, players switch sides of the table. In the last possible game of a match, for example the seventh game in a best of seven matches, players change ends when the first player scores five points, regardless of whose turn it is to serve.

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Table tennis is an Olympic sport that is pretty much dominated by one country, China. In fact, China has won 20 of the 24 available gold medals in this sport since it joined the Olympics 1988. That is a very impressive record.

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以下是乒乓球中文英文对照表,希望对各位乒乓球球友有所帮助,乒乓table tennis,球ball,球拍racket bat,遗漏之处,请大家在评论区补充。

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We humbly request YOU all to share the collection of words that you may have in your library with us so that we will add those list of words in this page and that will ultimately benefit our visitors like YOU. Here is the Complete List of Vocabulary related to Tennis. Advantage; All ; Backhand; Ball Boy; Ball Change ; Ball Girl; Ball Kid; Ball Person; Baseline; Bounce

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Tennis is played on a rectangular court, usually with a grass, clay, or hard court surface. The ...