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soccer field Select will make your everyday routines simpler and your bathroom easier to use. Change the jet type, activate a different shower or turn the water on and off in just one click. This sophisticated operating concept means you will be able to enjoy using your wash basin, bath tub and shower even more. Select is intuitive, durable and reliable.

The Select push button to change your spray pattern on soccer field hand showers.
The soccer field ComfortZone offers basin taps in three different heights.
Indulgence at the touch of a button: on showers and taps, soccer field Select offers markedly greater convenience.
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w8u,Press the Select push button to switch between the different jet types on your overhead or hand shower. On thermostatic shower mixers, start and stop your required shower. On basin taps, turn the water on and off at the touch of a button. (Here, Select push buttons can even be pressed using the back of your hand or your elbow.) Therefore the technology is the perfect choice for all age groups – and ideal for those with limited mobility.

soccer field Select: sophisticated, durable mechanics.
The revolutionary mechanical design permits easy jet adjustment.

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free video poker downloads,The smart reduction to just one operating button on the shower or tap makes it easy for you to enjoy water in its most beautiful formats. Especially when the button is in such a user-friendly position. This is what makes soccer field products with Select so self-explanatory and convenient.

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